Concierge Services

 We provide our best security guards who are highly trained to meet the needs of our clients. Our officers are always professionally dressed to provide you with a feel of high-class security along with a sense of safety. We make sure that you never feel alone. Our staff is always there to empower you in every special moment of your life.

How we achieve it!

We are committed to delivering exceptional service.  Our strategies and safety solutions will provide our clients with the service they require to secure the people and assets. We set up front-line, mid-border, and back-end officers. The frontline officers control who comes to your building and also patrol all the areas near your building. They give your guests a warm welcome and keep a record of who enters your building. The mid-border officers patrol all the time to ensure the safety in your building. The back end officers are always checking the CCTV recordings and other technical details to ensure everything is secure and under control.

Residential Concierge Services

Decimal Security ensures that only residents are given access to the building. They are trained in conflict resolution and quickly manage common building issues such as noise complaints and parties and assist with move-ins and move-outs.

Commercial Concierge Services

Our commercial concierge specialists are ready to help with the safety and security of your commercial property. They will monitor  CCTV cameras, safeguard suite keys, and enforce your building policies.  Our concierge professionals can also provide first aid assistance and fire control in a building evacuation.

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