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Decimal Security is a leading security guard company and covering a wide area by providing best security guard services and proudly provide trusted 24 hours security services to several big firms in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta and Langley. At our place, We assure you that all our clients get the best security guard services according to their needs. We also expertise in providing customized security services with a well-qualified staff ready to serve you 24/7. Decimal Security provides an extensive range of security services using advanced technology which includes Uniformed Security Guards, Event Security services, Retail Loss Prevention, Executive Protection, mobile Patrol Security Guards, Concierge Services.

Every individual or business needs a security guard because the guard works to protect the company and a professional security guard company helps to protect yourself and your business premises.

We offer customized security services because we know every client has different needs to secure their personal and professional areas. So you don't need to worry about anything. We are here to help you.

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Why Hire a Security Guard?

You must have questions in your mind while hiring a security guard as given below:

1. How security guards are effective?

2. What type of businesses needs security guards?

3. How to find the best security guard company to protect your business and valuable things?

and many more…..

But first of all you should know the benefit to hiring a security guard: A security guard is always recommendable to hire to keep your property, business and valuable things safe and most of the people prefer to hire them because of the physical security of their business and valuable things. The hiring of a professional security provider company feels you safe and secured.

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We provide customized security solutions to help
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We offer fast, professional and exceptional security guard services

At Decimal, we meet the needs of every job by using the advanced skills and attributes needed for each position, so you can feel confident knowing you're getting the best person for the job. We offer a variety of security guard services that fit your unique environment and budget. If guaranteed service is important to you, then Decimal Security is the right choice for you.

Employing the services of a professional security guard company can ensure the safety of yours and your business with the help of their skilled security guards. But all you need to know about its requirement on right time to keep yourself safe.

Loss Prevention

We have a highly trained group of uniformed and undercover loss prevention officers who are ready every time to protect your stuff.

Elite Suit and Tie

Decimal security also provides Elite suit and tie officers that match your standard.

Event Security

We handle the contracts for event securities so that you can enjoy your events without any stress.

Construction Sites

We provide security at construction sites during day and night. Our professionals are trained to keep an eye on small details to make sure construction sites are run smoothly.

Mobile Patrols

Decimal Security has a group of really active patroling officers that make sure that your area is safe.

Uniformed Security

We provide uniformed security perfect for security services at campuses, stores, and other public places 24/7

Delivering the Best Security Solutions and Professional Security Guard Services to Our Clients

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Satisfied Customers

The staff is really humble and great. I was at a Miniso store and a person was bugging me. The guard was really helpful he handled the situation smartly without bothering anyone. Great Team!

David Greeen

London drugs

I have joined hands with decimal security for the last 3 years. The Team is really enthusiastic and always on time. They have saved multiple theft and violence cases. Thank You Decimal Security. They truly care.


Humble staff

The managing staff is wonderful. Arrangements messed up while planning an event still they were able to arrange a good amount of staff in such a short of time.

Andrew Roberts

Manager EMS solutions

Thanks for the quick and professional service! I was happy to know about safety.

Romeo Sanchez

Hotels Group